Doveshope Mission Statement

Doveshope is a non-profit foundation that brings together smart businesses and individuals in an effort to help the cancer research community on a technical level. Our goal is to team up with a variety of businesses, organizations and medical centers around the United States so that we can spark interest in the innovation of cancer research. Our organization does not accept monetary donations because we feel that we can use our technical talents in order to help the cancer research community.

Our network talented resources allow us to tap into talented engineers that are available during business hours to work on a variety of important cancer research projects. Each business offers individuals who are on over-head or have a break in business related activities to our organization for cancer related research projects.

Our engineers are working on several software development projects that continue to help the cancer research community. These projects are maintained in an easy source code handling system so that other developers can contribute to the software that they are interested in. These open source software products range from simple calculators to complex risk prediction algorithms. Other projects include cancer specific search engine development in which help users research cancer through an easy to use web interface.

We also have volunteers that are interested in helping other non-profit organizations build websites and plan events. We have graphic designers, web designers, sound engineers, coordinators, and much more! We also provide web hosting and technical support to cancer related non-profit organizations so that they may have a wonderful website.